Monday, 21 December 2009

Don't Panic - Resistance Experiments

I took inspiration from Arran's resistance blog about putting yourself out of your comfort zone. So my first example of resistance is a personal one of me resisting my usual working methods, i.e montage, i decided i would work with geometric shapes to restrict my free style of working as much as possible. The second example was to be resisting the use of typography to convey my message, i wanted it to speak for itself. So i started thinking of a way to bring these two forms of resistance together... then i thought about terminal velocity as a metaphor for this, which is two forms of resistance coming together (air resistance and gravity) in perfect balance. So here is terminal velocity...

It's not my style but that was what i was after... I've put the grain on them jpegs to just suggest what it might look like when i screen-print them, I want to do it on a nice meaty stock. I like the fact they're quite ambiguous, like a lot of the existing don't panic posters, people might get it they might not.

1 comment:

  1. beautiful images Jon

    i think you should put yourself out of your comfort zone more often...