Friday, 5 March 2010


I thought I’d give a brief update of what I’m up to as I’ve been falling behind with the blogging lately due to the massive workload I’ve got on the go. The main focus of my time is the BBC Chekhov brief to create a set of ten illustrations to any of Chekhov’s short stories or plays. I chose the story ‘The Lady with the Little Dog’ as I’d already read part of it previously for reasons I forget. The story is an unconventional love story with the two characters immersed in sorrow rather than love, the story is much more about the moral journey that the lead character Dmitri Gurov embarks on. I’ve taken several approaches to my image making, here is a sample piece in which I’ve played with deforming the human form to create an unsettling effect. I’ve been looking at artists who play with this effect to create an uncanny feel to their work such as Ed Gorey and Andrei Klimowski. I’ll reveal more soon…

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