Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Research Publication #13 'Reprocess'

Fallen behind with the blog, been so busy, prepare for 30 posts at once. Here's the first, we received a research grant from Manchester Met to make a publication. Here's a bit of a brief breakdown and some pics/vid

When we started OWT zine we agreed on a run of twelve issues. This is our thirteenth.

Commissioned by the Manchester School of Art and in collaboration with the Graphic Design team, Issue 13 : Reprocess follows a different approach to usual. We not only focused on how work can satisfy a theme, but also, how it changes meaning when juxtaposed with a different creative’s work.

Submissions from the OWT back catalogue form a background layer of pre-existing themes, ready to be manipulated and reprocessed by new work. This changes the context and makes new interpretations while initiating serendipitous collaborations. GF Smith Colourplan and six-colour Riso printing help add further variables. No two zines in the run of 150 are the same.

See more of the project HERE

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