Thursday, 10 January 2013


A quick update. I'm now teaching on graphics and occasionally fashion and interiors at manchester met while running OWT and studying to be a teacher. This has led to me neglecting my blog, and for that I apologise. Here is a little something I've recently done with OWT. The ‘Interlace Project’ was a zine created in the form of a live event. We asked for 15 second videos on the theme of ‘Interlace’, of which we received 105. Using various methods of projection we then relayed, manipulated, overlapped and ultimately projected the zine. The submissions were constantly overlapping and changing, while also being interspersed with live cctv footage of people interacting with the various elements. This meant the zine became a living entity that evolved as the evening progressed. The zine existed only for that evening and the same results cannot be reproduced. Through the input of Sam Meech we were able to projection map individual tiles within Manchester’s Vault space, allowing for each individual tile to react differently. For the event we also collaborated with Matt Lee. His coding allowed for instant critique of the zine to be offered through the medium of Twitter. Related tweets were taken from the internet, instantly projected into, and became part of the zine. We wanted to initiate spontaneous and serendipitous collaborations, altering the context of the work through the editing process and the use of the atmospheric projection space while also challenging the preconceptions of 'what is a zine?'

Interlace from OWT creative on Vimeo.

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