Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Helen Murgatroyd

Helen came in to speak to us about how she gained entry in the RCA and her work in general. I found the work she created while on the D&AD course the most engaging of all her work and she showed us one piece in particular that really excited me. It was drawings that went together to create a map of her home from the point of view of a person. The drawings were just so beautifully drawn, they weren’t supposed to be technically spot on and had a great personal touch to them. Being honest I found a lot of the work that followed a lot less engaging and maybe slightly to ‘fine arty’ for my tastes, I like to feel that my work has something of a purpose rather than being purely conceptual and experimental. What I really admired about Helen though was her determination and the fact that she really knew what she wanted to do. After failing to gain entry to the RCA once she didn’t forget about it like a lot of people might have done, instead she got a job that she felt would inspire her in the work and leave her time to create new pieces, so she became a postlady. I like to think that I myself would do an MA, be it after this year or maybe after a few years experience but I’ve always doubted my own ability and if I would ever be considered good enough to study at that level. This talk went some way to answering a few of those questions for me and gave me a boost and sense of drive.

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