Saturday, 5 December 2009

H.G.Wells Book Covers Update

I decided from the 5 books to choose from i would create covers for Kipps, Tono-Bungay and The History of Mr Polly. The reason i chose these three was i believe their stories are of similar themes, being commentaries on the class system that was present at the time of their publication. The characters in the stories see themselves making a dramatic change in class, be it up or down, and they generally fail to adapt to this change due to their upbringing and or their lack of being of the right blood. From these themes i initially began looking at blood, in a genetic fashion rather than a slasher horror one. The writing of these books coincided with the industrial revolution where the wealthy factory owners generally got richer at the expense and the blood of the poor. This led to the writing of books such as Dracula (the wealthy aristocrat feeding on the blood of the lower class). From blood i then moved more towards genetics and D.N.A. I have been looking at genetic codes and footprints and began experimenting with these genetic footprints to map the rise and fall of the characters in the stories.


  1. looks good, you thought anymore about how you'll use them?