Tuesday, 12 January 2010

New Camera

I’ve been looking to buy a new camera for a long time but I’ve never had the free cash and seeing as it is something of a luxury as I only have a passing interest in photography I’ve never been able to justify it. When we were in New York my friend Betsy had brought along her lovely old 35mm camera and this made me wonder if back at home there was an old camera stuffed in a cupboard or up in the attic that I could bring back to life. I mention it to my dad and I couldn’t have dreamt of him finding something as good as he did. He found my grandfather’s 1954 Adox Golf 63 camera. I’m under strict instruction to take very good care of it under the threat of losing my hands if I break it. I’ve just ordered some black and white film for it and I’m excited to get going with it.

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