Thursday, 14 January 2010

Personal Project 2 : MAK

Manchester Aid to Kosovo have decided to create a CD to mark ten years since they provided aid to Kosovo and to promote the link between Manchester and Kosovo. With the album called ‘Ten’ the brief was to simply create artwork that incorporated the name and could represent the themes of celebration, new-life, freedom and remembrance. I decided that I wanted to use the roman numerals for ten, an X, as the main focus for my designs and began to experiment with that. The whole idea behind the design is to have past events give you a view into the present improved events. The X can symbolize past strife, it’s also ten in roman numerals and the style of the font hints at memorial markings and remembrance. Inside is a set of five interchangeable cards that represent the themes I was originally asked to incorporate. I wanted to make the design upbeat and focus on the positive aspects, avoiding any negative imagery associated with the events without neglecting the seriousness of what happened.

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