Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Personal Project 3 : Don't Panic 'Value'

I found myself with a week left before hand in and the majority of my work completed. Eager not to get complacent I thought I’d find another brief that I could complete within a week. I looked for a new don't panic brief after enjoying resistance and found last month's word was 'value' and even though the competition is now closed I thought I'd do it anyway. I wanted to create something playful and light hearted for the brief after previously completing briefs for Amnesty and Kosovo I was beginning to feel everything in my folio was a bit heavy. I found a quote by Arthur C Clarke (2001 Space Odyssey) "it has yet to be proven that intelligence has any survival value." I began experimenting with ideas surrounding the quote and it reminded me of a television program I watched some time ago about pandas and how they are such useless animals.

Some panda facts -

Pandas give birth to twins 45% of the time but can only look after one, the other always dies.

A panda will often not recognize it's own young and kill it after it’s born.

Pandas only eat bamboo but can't digest it properly; they have to spend 16 hours a day eating it to gain any nutrition.

Pandas rarely find mates they like making breeding uncommon.

They cannot defend themselves; their only defence is there black and white colours as a deterrent.

It’s amazing that these animals have lasted as long as they have. I thought I'd just make a range of light hearted illustrated posters taking a unusual stance of these endangered animal generally being lazy, indecisive, useless, picky animals, simple as that.