Monday, 20 September 2010


I've had Moon sat here to watch for a while now and never got round to it, partly because I thought it was going to be a major effort to watch, but I finally got round to watching it last week and I was pleasantly surprised.

Sam Bell is the only man on the moon. Working alongside the computer Gerty sending valuable resources back to Earth to help solve our problem with limited natural resources. Sam is coming to the end of his 3 year shift and has been keeping himself going by watching the video messages sent from his wife and young child back on Earth. He then makes a discovery that him question his sanity and doubt his own existence.

I was genuinely entertained by the film, it's beautifully shot and Sam Rockwell is fantastic, almost being the only on-screen actor in the entire film. The feelings of loneliness and abandonment really come across and you really begin to empathize with Sam. Along side the film the film poster is well worth a Google, here's the official trailer for the film...

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