Monday, 20 September 2010

OWT 1 is taking shape

Everyone involved in OWT has been so busy recently but we're finally starting to see some of the results. The website is up and almost finished and issue 1 of the zine is taking shape nicely, and looking incredibly content rich if I do say so myself. It's launch date set for the 3rd of October at the Picadilly Self Publishing Fair and we'd love to see everyone there. If you're really lucky you may even receive an OWT present in the post but that's for another time. On top of all this 3 of the members of OWT each start their Master's degrees next week (an incredibly daunting but exciting notion).

If you don't know about OWT's blog check it out by clicking HERE please follow and keep updated with what's going on. In the meantime here are a few teasing photos of issue 1 being put together.

WARNING! These photos do contain a large Welshman.