Sunday, 23 October 2011

Article Magazine Commission - Beacons Music Festival

I was asked by Article Magazine to create a piece for a mini issue they were creating for Beacons Music Festival, Sheffield. The issue was to be released in the form of a poster and they asked for a one colour graphic on the theme of village fetes. Here's my interpretation... Unfortunately I have plenty of prior experience when it comes to village fetes. I myself was always forced to don fancy dress and stand humiliated on the floats that would go through the town. So this piece is in fact a self-portrait. That's me, aged 7, dress as a knight and looking thoroughly unimpressed. I have uncomfortable memories of being sandwiched between Darth Vader and a crying Robocop while they drove us through a wet and miserable north-east high street. I've tried to channel my mood of the day combined with the reassuring words of my parents.

I also included this piece in my Masters Degree show, that's me posing with my poster at the bottom, looking like a gimp.

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