Friday, 14 October 2011

An Update

Not been able to blog in ages, been so busy. Just finished my Masters and did pretty good, which is a relief. I've got myself a sweet job working as a teaching assistant at MMU on the course I graduated from only 2 summers ago, I've got my own timetabled slot with the second years and everything. I'm also volunteering one day at City College teaching photography students graphics, it doesn't even feel like work most of the time, it's such a good laugh. With this in mind I managed to last three whole days as being a non-student before starting a new course, much to my father's distress, studying for my PGCE teaching qualification so I can look to move into lecturing alongside my own practice. Our studio in Ancoats is now up and running and we seem to be working constantly, which is great, if a bit tiring. I'll pause for breath now. More stuff soon.

Oh! And if you're in Manchester you should come down to the MA show at the Holden Gallery MMU, it's on until Thursday the 20th.

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